BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #5

November 19, 2018

Opening: Rick Henry – Welcome to our 5th meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Napier – $3,395.07

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry – The Fitchburg State game that has been all over the news and social media.  Obviously a flagrant, probably something leading up to the situation.  Use what tools you have available to you, send a player to the bench and have the coach try and deescalate the situation.  Stay straight and square on the line and not angled towards the play so that you can see the play in the corner if needed (there is nothing wrong with multiple whistles on the play) considering you are to be looking through the play. Close down so that you are closer to the play, to be in the middle of it to break it up if need be.  You can eject the player on the spot if you deem necessary.  After the play, get together discuss what is going to happen and what will be assessed and how things will move forward.  Direct traffic and get the opposing players to the bench to try and avoid the “chippiness”.  

Have a patient whistle, see what has happened.  Improve your angle and position to make sure you get everything that you should.  Be clear and concise mechanically to avoid confusion with your foul call with a block/charge call, did the offense go “to and through”?

When rotating from one side of the lane to the other, our eyes need to be moving across the lane with us, and not directly looking to the new spot of where you are going.  Make sure that you are seeing whatever could be going in the area that you are moving away from while you’re moving away.  We need to be strong side as much as possible.  “Move to Improve”, if the ball is coming your way, you should drop down a bit so that you can get the best angle on the play coming to you.

As games are beginning, make sure that you are checking with the schools prior to due to weather, as we are the last to know. 

Next week will be our last meeting, we will be in the Community Room at 7:00pm

BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #4

November 12, 2018

Opening: Scott Edmonds – Welcome, please remember to take your online OHSAA rules meeting by Nov 23rd, if you try and take it on the 24th you will be charged a $50 late fee to be able to take the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: via Randy Johnson – $3,165.07

Randy Johnson & Rick Henry: Open Forum

 Any situations from scrimmages. All discussed situations may not be written down due to the expansiveness and moving through topics quickly.

  Closely guarded, know your rules and be ready to enforce them, keep a visual count.  Make sure that we go opposite the table after reporting the foul.  Switching: There is no such thing as switching in the backcourt, know your rotations and where you need to be after a foul is reported. Run to the reporting area, then fall back across the court.  Report with the right hand and fill with the left. Free throw, ball on the rim, hand being tangled in the net, popping the ring back up signals basket interference, except on a free throw results in an Automatic Technical. If you have evidence that there is a mistake in the book, you can correct it at any time, but please do it as quickly as you can.  Be hustling up and down the court hustling, and manage the game the best you can

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry – Judgement: Fouls when to call, advantages/disadvantages.  Contact and a foul is called?  Is the whistle warranted? Was an advantage gained or did we award the advantage?  No advantage or disadvantage was given and the ball goes in, be patient, see the play through and there is no need to call the continuation.  Contact will happen and can even be severe, but a foul/whistle is not always necessary.  A body on the floor does not constitute a foul call.  Identify the pivot foot, you get a pivot foot, and a non-pivot foot, as soon as the initial pivot is lifted without a dribble, it is a travel.  Block/Charge – there is no reason not to have a whistle on bodies crashing on a block charge situation.  Did the offense come to the defender and through?  See the play from start to finish and then make the call of what you’ve seen. Do not anticipate the contact and get caught with a whistle and not contact.  

Officiate the defense, knowing if the defender had legal guarding position or not will make your judgement much easier.  Judgement is understanding the threats we see out on the floor – boundary lines, is the player on the boundary line for a charge, goal tending and travelling – does the player have the hop step, does a team have a really tall player, super athletic players, above the rim play.  Talk about it before, during, and after the games

We as officials. We are all Crazy.  We are all family people, why do we do it – for the love of the game and we are competitive and we all like a little bit of a pat on the back, and we are also proud and want to do the best we can

Closing and Gift: Scott Edmonds- There was no Split the Pot this week. 

REMINDER – Next Weeks’ Meeting will be Upstairs in the Media Center.

BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #3

November 5, 2018

Introduction: Scott Edmonds State Meeting Deadline is Nov 24, See Orrie for Split the Pot.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Napier (via Randy Johnson) $3126.07

Guest Speaker: Bill Klamow – SWOC assigner and Winton Woods.  If you are interested email klamow@fuse.net, we do double headers Freshmen and JV, and varsity along with Jr high.  Have a varsity official recommend you.  It can take a few years to get varsity due to being able to see you work, how dependable, work with the arbiter etc. if you have to cancel, do NOT get your own sub, contact bill and he will get the sub. Make sure it is a legit cancellation. Have a book backup with your assignments in it.  Keep your arbiter updated. Assigns games a year in advance to hold dates, then when he gets the games will send those through the arbiter.  Hang around and watch the varsity, if the varsity official wants to give you the critique, take it and use it to improve! As a varsity official, try and show up as early as possible so that you can give that feedback.  If you have a bad situation in a game, PLEASE let him know, not necessarily that night, but the next day for sure so that he can follow up.  He watches how JV officials control/manage a game.  Watch what you say and what you do, because everyone has a camera these days.  “Give them plenty of rope, then jerk ‘em”! One time had simultaneous techs, the coach  

Guest Speaker: Ray Vaughn- Eastern Cincinnati Conference and the Cincinnati Hills League. Contact Ray Stripes150@aol.com  Advancement within the league, watches games and through others that watch games for him.  Give him leagues you have worked in and officials you have work with or those that have seen you work.  Keeps track of turn backs, so if it becomes a pattern you may become a fill in official.  If you have a job that requires you to travel, make sure that your assigner knows, and that you take games accordingly.  Schedule changes happen, the schools move dates, be available if you can but understood that you may have other games. If you have any games out in the arbiter that you have not accepted or declined, please do so either as soon as possible.  We see responses as to why you are declining.  In assigning, take that good with the bad as far as locations.  Pet peeve moving times, requires officials to re-accept a game and the official may decline the game.

Board Election: 

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry Loose Ball review

See Tim Lewis for scrimmages JV Boys @ West Nov. 10th, Sat 17th FR Boys 3:30pm, several Sat 24th @ West, Talawanda 6 JV/V Girls 20th Tuesday, Edgewood 24th 11am.

Randy Has 24th  1:30 Girls at Fairfield needs 3 for three man

Closing Split the Pot 769785 Rick Blyberg $11

BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #2

October 29, 2018

Opening: Scott Edmonds – Welcome, 

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Napier – $2,966.07

Guest Speaker: John Witt (scorekeeper at Talawanda) also a Minister– Started in1989 after working at Kmart as a custodian.  Became friends with Holmes Head Coach, so as an EMT travelled with team, started keeping stats. Made a position for keeping the athletic fields, the best job at Talawanda, and took a liking more to basketball. John is a Captain with Oxford Fire Department, Minister and Groundskeeper. He has 4 philosophies in his life. Philosophy 1, a ministry of Presence and just to be there.  Cotter pin philosophy, an unknown thing, unless it is missing.  Does the little things, just wants to do his job.  Steel philosophy, a steel rod.  Used to put a sharpen edge on a knife, sharpens another steel, just a “man can sharpen another man”, do what you can do to better another life.  Life is Good Philosophy, as an older person needing to influence the lives of other young people.  Has been involved in a few funerals and weddings of former Talawanda students because of his influence in others lives.  Challenge to everyone. Be a class act, remain a class act whether you are a cotter pin, nut or the wheel. Poem, The World IS Mine

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry – The Kahoot app. 

The state rules meeting online- preseason guide pg. 8(illegal equipment) the penalty for illegal equipment IS NOT a Technical Foul!!!

Rule Changes- Backcourt deflection is legal, when hit by a defensive player in the frontcourt and caught by someone in the backcourt, Play On.

A player is not able to take a charge or set a screen with a foot out of bounds or on an endline

Players are NOW permitted to role the waistbands of shorts as long as the manufacturers logo is not showing

POE- Travelling, Legal Guarding Position, Block/Charge (have a call), Loose Ball Play(get in there and get the players off each other, be assertive), Proper Terminology, Professionalism(don’t engage at their level, warn, or Technical Foul)

Email, Backcourt throw in spot, intentional foul on a made basketball

Closing- Scott Edmonds, Board positions nominations, and state meeting deadline is the 24th of November.

Split the Pot- 769755  Barry Jamison $10

BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #1

October 22, 2018

Opening: Scott Edmonds – Thank you for coming. This is a voting year President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Next Week, speaker, the table guy from Talawanda. Following week is Ray Vaughn an assignor to speak with us.

Treasurers Report: Mike Napier (via Randy) $2805

Scrimmages: See Tim Lewis, Scott Edmonds, Randy Johnson after meeting if interested. The better off you’re going to be if you’re out on the court getting your time in.  

Nominations: Please check with the person you are nominating to make sure that it is alright with them and then email Scott Edmonds, Randy Johnson or Steve Wiggins

Rules Interpretation: Randy Johnson

Observes for the GMC. The biggest thing pet peeve. Noticing the observer and then really starting to hustle.  We can miss calls, but if we are hustling then we will be more consistent. Looks if we are putting the ball in at the right spot, and are we hustling to get the ball back in play. Work our game the RIGHT WAY!  Ask the seasoned official if they will help you out in switching and doing everything as to the book as you can do it so that you can learn and get better.  Randy gives out his phone number and is willing to take calls discussing a call you may have. Call that night while its fresh in your mind.  It doesn’t have to be Randy it can be a veteran official.   Be patient with the coaches, sometimes they are working with players as well, and we are to be the calm ones.  If you get beat, cut in behind the play (in the middle of the floor if needs be) to get the best angle on the play.  It’s especially tough as a new official to gain balance with when to hold the whistle, but hustle and see the play.  Verify the game the day of with the school.  When the game gets moved, we are generally the last ones to be notified.  If a veteran official is giving you advice, DO NOT argue with the veteran, most every veteran wants to help you! Do you want to do it right and not take it personal. The coaches and fans will work you, and grind on you, don’t take anything personal even if they make it personal, then you have the tools in which to take care of that.

New Rule changes from last year.  2 hand reporting – right hand first followed by second/  A coach will have 15 seconds to replace a player. 

Technical fouls. Admin tech, more than 5 on court or book issues.  Team foul, coach does not lose his opportunity to stand. See page 75 of the Rule Book.

Protecting the free thrower, on the release of the ball. The defender blocking out is not to make contact with the free thrower, not allowed to cross the lane line until the ball has hit the cylinder.

Make sure that you keep your Arbiter up to date with the assignors.

Dave Campbell Davezcampbell77@yahoo.com  assigns for the GMC Jv and down, and numerous other leagues.  Please contact him if you are interested in working at any level.

Split the pot: 769742  Robert Hubbard $27

Dismissal: Scott Edmonds

BCBOA Local Rules Meeting #3

November 6, 2017

Introduction: Scott Edmonds .  Begin with a moment of Silence for the Church in Texas, the victims and victims’ families.  Split the Pot, Next week will draw for the $50 gift card.  Hang on to your attendance card

Treasure’s Report: Mike Napier $1357.95

Moments with RJ:  What Observers would like to see.

-Don’t be Lazy

– Make sure to put the ball in place in correct spot.

– 28ft box now, keep an eye on it, don’t hover on it.  The rule just doesn’t want the coach in front of the Table

– Hustle.  If you’re hustling, then no one can really have a problem with the call you make as long as you’re trying and working hard

– Boys and Girls deserve the same respect and attention.

– Technical Fouls.  Don’t go looking for it.  If you have to do it, do it in the moment it is warranted, don’t wait until it boils up and give it over something small.  A soft and kind answer can diffuse the situation. It works.

– Questionable Situations.  Feel free to contact a veteran official either after your game, or the next day for help or advice.

Interpretation: Rick Henry       State Rules Meeting allows the Migraine Piercing, we don’t need notes for religious garments.

Agenda: Proper Signals, Backcourt Violations on Throw-Ins, Fighting, Technical Fouls

-Proper Signals:   When you’re working High School we are supposed to be using Federation Mechanics

-Backcourt Violations on Throw-Ins:  Preseason Manual pg 6.  Allows a player to airborne on a throw in and cross from backcourt to front court.  If the ball is tipped and the same airborne player then touches the ball in the frontcourt, then you have the violation.  If you don’t call the violation, you stay out of the hot water than to call it incorrectly.  

-Fighting 4-18 A fight is a flagrant act, when the ball is live or dead.  Includes but not limited to attempted strikes, kicks, body slams etc. or attempt to instigate a fight (Squaring up).  The penalty for fighting is flagrant foul with a disqualification to the offender, we only assess ONE Technical foul to both sides.  Bench personnel that comes off the bench: non-participation 1 indirect Tech to coach, fi numbers are same no shots, point of interruption, if numbers off the bench are different, the team that has the fewer technical fouls will shoot (MAX of 2 shots) and a Division Throw In.  Talk to your on-site manager to see if they would like to continue the contest.  Only person to come off the bench legally is the COACH.  Preventative officiating on trash talk.

Don’t forget your ONLINE State Rules Meeting.  You have until November 15th, at Midnight to complete the meeting without having to pay a late fee of $50.

Closing: Extra shirts, see logan and Joey.  Splint 768402 $24

BCBOA Local Rules Meeting #2


Introduction: Scott Edmonds

     2nd meeting.  State Meeting is online until Nov 15th at midnight.  Next week handing out the BCBOA gift of Towels.  The 4th meeting we will draw for the $50 gift card via the raffle

Split the Pot: Orrie Beckman

Treasure’s Report: NO Change

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry

  • Recent change of running clock, up 35+ point in the second half, will not go “stop and go” until it gets under 30 points.  ONLY FOR SECTIONAL GAMES AND BEYOND.  For shortening the quarter, both coaches MUST agree.


  • Jump Ball- 4-28     putting the ball into play to start the game and each extra period
  • Administration 6-3 For any jump ball each jumper should have both feet within that half of restraining circle.  Ball is tossed non-jumpers should not move onto the center circle or change position.  Toss the ball upward between the jumpers in a plane at right angles.  The ball must not be touched by one or both players before the ball reaches its highest point or catch the ball etc.  
  • Control, Player & Team 4-12     A player is in control of the ball when he/she is holding or dribbling a live ball. There is no player control when, during a jump ball, a jumper catches the ball prior to the ball touching the floor or a non-jumper or during an interrupted dribble.  A team is in control of the ball, when a player of the team is in control, while a live ball is being passed among teammates, during an interrupted dribble, when a player of the team has disposal of the ball for a throw-in.  The team control continues until, the ball is in flight during a tray or tap, an opponent secures control, the ball becomes dead.  While the ball remains live a loose ball always remains in control of the team whose player last had control.  A player control foul is a common foul committed by a player while he is in control of the ball or by and airborne shooter. A Team Control Foul is a foul committed by a member of the team that is in control of the ball or by a member of the throw in team.  Set the tone, let the teams know you’re paying attention.
  • Verticality 4-45      applies to legal guarding position obtained, defender may rise up or jump vertically. Whether on the floor or airborne, the defender cannot clear out.  The player with the ball is to be given NO MORE protection or consideration that the defender in judging which player violated the rule.

Closing. Scott Edmonds

Split the Pot Winner:  768349 Jim Gruenwald