2017 Meeting Minutes

BCBOA Local Rules Meeting #1

Welcome: Scott Edmonds

Intro: Split the pot each meeting, 1 for $1 or 6 for $5. At the 4th meeting we will raffle off a $50 gift card

Treasurers Report: As of today, we have $2,102.92.

Rules interpretation: 

  1. Officials Manual Corrections.

Pg 30 Signal #38

State of Ohio does not use a whistle to beckon in substitution 

  1. Case Book Correction

Pg 83 strike the following frome10.5.1 situation B “resulting in the loss of coaching box privileges

  1. Pre-Game

-We just don’t do it enough.

-How many truly have a pre-game?

-Why do we have a tendency to skip over this? Time constraints?

-Is there value in having a pre-game?

-As a veteran official with a younger crew with you, its your responsibility to     have that crew mentally and physically prepared to walk out onto the floor and work a game.

-Early in the season this could be one of your partners first game in their career or at that level. We should try to make that person fees as comfortable as possible

-If you are that rookie, your first call has to be %100  right because you’re not going to get that latitude that a veteran gets.  Even when youre%100 right yours going to still get a lot of criticism. 

-Before every game talk about situations that could occur. A game takes on a different personality when it matches two teams fighting for first place, or trying to stay out of last place

-Talk about crazy, unusual places

-Talk about personnel and team tendencies. Know zone or full court man-to-man.

-When one teams offense includes a lot of motion, screens etc.

-Do they have a star player?

-3 point shooters, make sure the player returns to the floor before you take your eyes off the play

-The whole pregame conversation changes some when you’ve got a crew of veterans, as opposed to having a younger crew

-Being personally mentally ready is the veteran’s responsibility, that’s why he is so well respected.

-Use your magnetic court diagram if you need to , they are great references

  1. Two-Handed Reporting 2-9-1

Starting this year, we will be doing two handed reporting.  Lead with the right hand, and fill with the left.  Be vocal, and go slow starting out. Work on it in your scrimmages, in front of your mirror, just do your best to get acclimated  By mid season, the state would like to see both hands up together.

  1. Coaching Box Change 1-13-2

Is now 28ft, from the scorers table all the way to the end line.  The line should mark 2 inches wide and be located off the playing court

  1. Warnings 4-48

If the actions aren’t severe… talk to them and Warn them. Right it in the book. You only get 1 warning per game.  The state says we aren’t using warnings. Use the tools you have at your disposal.  Answer questions, ignore statements.  Be fair, if you choose to use the warning.  What you DO hear, and DO see you Penalize.  Otherwise, keep going.

  1. Intentional Foul 4-19-3

An intentional foul is a personal or technical foul that may or may not be premeditated and is not based solely on the severity of the act.

Contact that neutralizes an opponents obvious advantageous position.

Contact away from the ball with an opponent who is clearly not involved with a play

Contact that is not a legitimate attempt to play the ball/player

 Make sure what you see, is it a basketball play, usually it is a red flag.  

  1. Pg. 14

Too many officials like to give the holding signal on a majority of their calls.

Uniform enforcement

Missing counts on inbound plays

Failure to stop the clock

Rolling through during the foul reporting process

Get in the reporting zone

Handing the ball verse bouncing it.

Fleeing the scene

Mirroring the ball

Over usage

Myth 1- Anyone can blow/wave off the shot, bu only one official can count the basket

Myth 2- If opposing coaches agree to shorten quarters, the quarters shold be six

Closing: Scott Edmonds/ Orrie Beckman

-Split the Pot Winner , 768230 $78, Jim Canfield($37)

See Randy Johnson, Scott Edmonds or Tim Lewis for Scrimmages

BCBOA Local Rules Meeting #2


Introduction: Scott Edmonds

     2nd meeting.  State Meeting is online until Nov 15th at midnight.  Next week handing out the BCBOA gift of Towels.  The 4th meeting we will draw for the $50 gift card via the raffle

Split the Pot: Orrie Beckman

Treasure’s Report: NO Change

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry

  • Recent change of running clock, up 35+ point in the second half, will not go “stop and go” until it gets under 30 points.  ONLY FOR SECTIONAL GAMES AND BEYOND.  For shortening the quarter, both coaches MUST agree.


  • Jump Ball- 4-28     putting the ball into play to start the game and each extra period
  • Administration 6-3 For any jump ball each jumper should have both feet within that half of restraining circle.  Ball is tossed non-jumpers should not move onto the center circle or change position.  Toss the ball upward between the jumpers in a plane at right angles.  The ball must not be touched by one or both players before the ball reaches its highest point or catch the ball etc.  
  • Control, Player & Team 4-12     A player is in control of the ball when he/she is holding or dribbling a live ball. There is no player control when, during a jump ball, a jumper catches the ball prior to the ball touching the floor or a non-jumper or during an interrupted dribble.  A team is in control of the ball, when a player of the team is in control, while a live ball is being passed among teammates, during an interrupted dribble, when a player of the team has disposal of the ball for a throw-in.  The team control continues until, the ball is in flight during a tray or tap, an opponent secures control, the ball becomes dead.  While the ball remains live a loose ball always remains in control of the team whose player last had control.  A player control foul is a common foul committed by a player while he is in control of the ball or by and airborne shooter. A Team Control Foul is a foul committed by a member of the team that is in control of the ball or by a member of the throw in team.  Set the tone, let the teams know you’re paying attention.
  • Verticality 4-45      applies to legal guarding position obtained, defender may rise up or jump vertically. Whether on the floor or airborne, the defender cannot clear out.  The player with the ball is to be given NO MORE protection or consideration that the defender in judging which player violated the rule.

Closing. Scott Edmonds

Split the Pot Winner:  768349 Jim Gruenwald

BCBOA Local Rules Meeting #3

November 6, 2017

Introduction: Scott Edmonds .  Begin with a moment of Silence for the Church in Texas, the victims and victims’ families.  Split the Pot, Next week will draw for the $50 gift card.  Hang on to your attendance card

Treasure’s Report: Mike Napier $1357.95

Moments with RJ:  What Observers would like to see.

-Don’t be Lazy

– Make sure to put the ball in place in correct spot.

– 28ft box now, keep an eye on it, don’t hover on it.  The rule just doesn’t want the coach in front of the Table

– Hustle.  If you’re hustling, then no one can really have a problem with the call you make as long as you’re trying and working hard

– Boys and Girls deserve the same respect and attention.

– Technical Fouls.  Don’t go looking for it.  If you have to do it, do it in the moment it is warranted, don’t wait until it boils up and give it over something small.  A soft and kind answer can diffuse the situation. It works.

– Questionable Situations.  Feel free to contact a veteran official either after your game, or the next day for help or advice.

Interpretation: Rick Henry       State Rules Meeting allows the Migraine Piercing, we don’t need notes for religious garments.

Agenda: Proper Signals, Backcourt Violations on Throw-Ins, Fighting, Technical Fouls

-Proper Signals:   When you’re working High School we are supposed to be using Federation Mechanics

-Backcourt Violations on Throw-Ins:  Preseason Manual pg 6.  Allows a player to airborne on a throw in and cross from backcourt to front court.  If the ball is tipped and the same airborne player then touches the ball in the frontcourt, then you have the violation.  If you don’t call the violation, you stay out of the hot water than to call it incorrectly.  

-Fighting 4-18 A fight is a flagrant act, when the ball is live or dead.  Includes but not limited to attempted strikes, kicks, body slams etc. or attempt to instigate a fight (Squaring up).  The penalty for fighting is flagrant foul with a disqualification to the offender, we only assess ONE Technical foul to both sides.  Bench personnel that comes off the bench: non-participation 1 indirect Tech to coach, fi numbers are same no shots, point of interruption, if numbers off the bench are different, the team that has the fewer technical fouls will shoot (MAX of 2 shots) and a Division Throw In.  Talk to your on-site manager to see if they would like to continue the contest.  Only person to come off the bench legally is the COACH.  Preventative officiating on trash talk.

Don’t forget your ONLINE State Rules Meeting.  You have until November 15th, at Midnight to complete the meeting without having to pay a late fee of $50.

Closing: Extra shirts, see logan and Joey.  Splint 768402 $24