BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #3

November 5, 2018

Introduction: Scott Edmonds State Meeting Deadline is Nov 24, See Orrie for Split the Pot.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Napier (via Randy Johnson) $3126.07

Guest Speaker: Bill Klamow – SWOC assigner and Winton Woods.  If you are interested email klamow@fuse.net, we do double headers Freshmen and JV, and varsity along with Jr high.  Have a varsity official recommend you.  It can take a few years to get varsity due to being able to see you work, how dependable, work with the arbiter etc. if you have to cancel, do NOT get your own sub, contact bill and he will get the sub. Make sure it is a legit cancellation. Have a book backup with your assignments in it.  Keep your arbiter updated. Assigns games a year in advance to hold dates, then when he gets the games will send those through the arbiter.  Hang around and watch the varsity, if the varsity official wants to give you the critique, take it and use it to improve! As a varsity official, try and show up as early as possible so that you can give that feedback.  If you have a bad situation in a game, PLEASE let him know, not necessarily that night, but the next day for sure so that he can follow up.  He watches how JV officials control/manage a game.  Watch what you say and what you do, because everyone has a camera these days.  “Give them plenty of rope, then jerk ‘em”! One time had simultaneous techs, the coach  

Guest Speaker: Ray Vaughn- Eastern Cincinnati Conference and the Cincinnati Hills League. Contact Ray Stripes150@aol.com  Advancement within the league, watches games and through others that watch games for him.  Give him leagues you have worked in and officials you have work with or those that have seen you work.  Keeps track of turn backs, so if it becomes a pattern you may become a fill in official.  If you have a job that requires you to travel, make sure that your assigner knows, and that you take games accordingly.  Schedule changes happen, the schools move dates, be available if you can but understood that you may have other games. If you have any games out in the arbiter that you have not accepted or declined, please do so either as soon as possible.  We see responses as to why you are declining.  In assigning, take that good with the bad as far as locations.  Pet peeve moving times, requires officials to re-accept a game and the official may decline the game.

Board Election: 

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry Loose Ball review

See Tim Lewis for scrimmages JV Boys @ West Nov. 10th, Sat 17th FR Boys 3:30pm, several Sat 24th @ West, Talawanda 6 JV/V Girls 20th Tuesday, Edgewood 24th 11am.

Randy Has 24th  1:30 Girls at Fairfield needs 3 for three man

Closing Split the Pot 769785 Rick Blyberg $11

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