BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #4

November 12, 2018

Opening: Scott Edmonds – Welcome, please remember to take your online OHSAA rules meeting by Nov 23rd, if you try and take it on the 24th you will be charged a $50 late fee to be able to take the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: via Randy Johnson – $3,165.07

Randy Johnson & Rick Henry: Open Forum

 Any situations from scrimmages. All discussed situations may not be written down due to the expansiveness and moving through topics quickly.

  Closely guarded, know your rules and be ready to enforce them, keep a visual count.  Make sure that we go opposite the table after reporting the foul.  Switching: There is no such thing as switching in the backcourt, know your rotations and where you need to be after a foul is reported. Run to the reporting area, then fall back across the court.  Report with the right hand and fill with the left. Free throw, ball on the rim, hand being tangled in the net, popping the ring back up signals basket interference, except on a free throw results in an Automatic Technical. If you have evidence that there is a mistake in the book, you can correct it at any time, but please do it as quickly as you can.  Be hustling up and down the court hustling, and manage the game the best you can

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry – Judgement: Fouls when to call, advantages/disadvantages.  Contact and a foul is called?  Is the whistle warranted? Was an advantage gained or did we award the advantage?  No advantage or disadvantage was given and the ball goes in, be patient, see the play through and there is no need to call the continuation.  Contact will happen and can even be severe, but a foul/whistle is not always necessary.  A body on the floor does not constitute a foul call.  Identify the pivot foot, you get a pivot foot, and a non-pivot foot, as soon as the initial pivot is lifted without a dribble, it is a travel.  Block/Charge – there is no reason not to have a whistle on bodies crashing on a block charge situation.  Did the offense come to the defender and through?  See the play from start to finish and then make the call of what you’ve seen. Do not anticipate the contact and get caught with a whistle and not contact.  

Officiate the defense, knowing if the defender had legal guarding position or not will make your judgement much easier.  Judgement is understanding the threats we see out on the floor – boundary lines, is the player on the boundary line for a charge, goal tending and travelling – does the player have the hop step, does a team have a really tall player, super athletic players, above the rim play.  Talk about it before, during, and after the games

We as officials. We are all Crazy.  We are all family people, why do we do it – for the love of the game and we are competitive and we all like a little bit of a pat on the back, and we are also proud and want to do the best we can

Closing and Gift: Scott Edmonds- There was no Split the Pot this week. 

REMINDER – Next Weeks’ Meeting will be Upstairs in the Media Center.

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