BCBOA Meeting Minutes

Meeting #5

November 19, 2018

Opening: Rick Henry – Welcome to our 5th meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Napier – $3,395.07

Rules Interpretation: Rick Henry – The Fitchburg State game that has been all over the news and social media.  Obviously a flagrant, probably something leading up to the situation.  Use what tools you have available to you, send a player to the bench and have the coach try and deescalate the situation.  Stay straight and square on the line and not angled towards the play so that you can see the play in the corner if needed (there is nothing wrong with multiple whistles on the play) considering you are to be looking through the play. Close down so that you are closer to the play, to be in the middle of it to break it up if need be.  You can eject the player on the spot if you deem necessary.  After the play, get together discuss what is going to happen and what will be assessed and how things will move forward.  Direct traffic and get the opposing players to the bench to try and avoid the “chippiness”.  

Have a patient whistle, see what has happened.  Improve your angle and position to make sure you get everything that you should.  Be clear and concise mechanically to avoid confusion with your foul call with a block/charge call, did the offense go “to and through”?

When rotating from one side of the lane to the other, our eyes need to be moving across the lane with us, and not directly looking to the new spot of where you are going.  Make sure that you are seeing whatever could be going in the area that you are moving away from while you’re moving away.  We need to be strong side as much as possible.  “Move to Improve”, if the ball is coming your way, you should drop down a bit so that you can get the best angle on the play coming to you.

As games are beginning, make sure that you are checking with the schools prior to due to weather, as we are the last to know. 

Next week will be our last meeting, we will be in the Community Room at 7:00pm

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